Spiritual Art by Daniel Moreau

"Spiritual Art" achieves a total new level in Daniel Moreau's Art Work. A new world of spiritual beings can be perceived in some of the color moods, that appear clearly in the main part of his creations. 

The viewer is always invited to enter the spiritual world by following color movements and harmonies. Creating forms and sometime figures enable him to fulfil a kind of meeting with "light beings".

It is certainly  not the aim of this Art to represent or illustrate spiritual ideas in a more symbolic way . These color works of Art want every soul, that is yearning for spiritual experience, to use their vibrations as a mantra of meditation. They want to be a kind of vehicle for the exploration of the world of creating forces hidden behind the objects and beings of nature. These color compositions could give   power and health to each friend of Art and Beauty.


I was born in Paris in 1948. Already in the childhood I revealed special talents in drawing and painting. At the age of 13 began on my own a "career" in oil painting. After graduation of school (french "baccalaureat")18 years old I began training in bio-dynamic agriculture in France and Germany. 

Returning to the preferences of my youth after a 6 years pause, I worked  as a teacher and art therapist at different institutions (Camphill Communities for handicapped people and Friedrich Huseman Clinic for psychiatry)

In 1981 I became founder of the Gallery and Bookshop "Odilia" in South Germany. During the last 35 years I was travelling to many countries as a freelance artist, teacher and workshop adviser.


My oeuvre amounts between 700 to 900 paintings, drawings and sculptures to date and is still growing. Ranging from watercolor and wax-crayon paintings other techniques like transparent on window glass, seccorell colors and terra-cotta.

This website aims is at presenting the "classic paintings" by Daniel Moreau to a wide public. Please enjoy browsing and contact me by e-mail  for comments or special wishes.


1948 born in Paris


1966 frensh „Baccalaureat“ .


1967--1971 training in biodynamic agriculture (France/ Switzerland/ Germany)


1971--1972 activities in „Village Aigues Vertes“ (Camphill community near Geneva)


1972 --1973 Training at „Hochschule der Christengemeinschaft“ (Stuttgart).


1973 -- 1978 Art Therapist at the Friedrich Husemann Hospital,

Hospital for mental disease (black forest/ Germany)


1778 Removal to „Bodensee“ and marriage


1979 -- 1983 Class teacher in „Heimsonderschule

Brachenreuthe“ (Camphill community for handicap children)


1983 --1994 Fondation of the Galerie und Bookshop Odilia in Überlingen.

(bookshop for Anthroposophie and Art)

International teaching activities in England/Europe/Asia/Australia.


Since 1983 traveling in Europe and oversea countries with exhibitions and

Seminars. Studies on Goethe's Color Theorie.


1994: Removal to Stuttgart and later to Vaihingen/Enz


1994 -- 2001 free Art Teacher at different Steiner Schools . „Integrationsschule“ in Graz (Austria) and Steiner School in Siegen (Germany).

Edition of Art Calenders in Stuttgart.


2001 – 2005: Art Teacher at Steiner School „Vaihingen an der Enz“.


2005: Removal to Tokyo (Japan)

Lecturer for Goetheanism and Anthroposophie

and private Art Teacher in Japan.


Since 2011 also in South Corea: Lecturer at the

Centre for Anthroposophie (Seoul).


2015 Back to the „Bodensee“ in South Germany.


Contact address:  danielmoreau@web.de