Daniel Moreau about

Wax color hatching


The light and dark hatching has its origin in the common work of R. Steiner and Assja Turgenieff on the Glas Windows of the Goetheanum in Switzerland. But using the hatching method with wax crayons is something new, that I learned from Inge Willmann.

For it the Stockmar wax crayons are available in a wide palette and offering the best quality of light resistance and transparency. I could not find better crayons in the last 47 years, not since I used this technique.

Black and White hatching is of course the preliminary training necessary for this kind of work. The color surface consists of many smal lines stretched in the same one direction. Also in the hatching work, as well as in the watercolor technique, the picture grows out of adding a lot of thin transparent layers over each other. Wax color hatching may be one of the most difficult challenges in Art. The selflesness of the hand has to be trained for a long time. Therefore this technique is most seldom used. 

Wax is a very different material than water. It gives to colors another kind of brightness and transparency. Many years indeed I worked with this material on paper. In the last years I adapted also the technique on glas (Windows, Doors) for achieving maximal transparency.